Top Ten Home Furniture Stores In Melbourne

They say home is a place where the heart is! So naturally, the heart will seek a place to relax and soothe our body and mind from everyday hassle outside. For an ideal home set up, furniture plays a significant role. While decorating your home with right kind of furniture and accessories is a task which can leave you tired and confusing. Numerous options are available for us to chose be it stores or online shopping. The primary responsibility is where to chose high quality and modern style furniture at affordable costs. So, here we have for you top ten furniture stores in Melbourne to select your home furniture.

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1. Great Dane

It has a straightforward creative immortal Scandinavian designing. Great Dane moderate mark style highlights cultivated pieces that are long-lasting while as yet overflowing with uniqueness. They utilize primarily authentic, earthy elements like reused wood with stipulated touches that can adapt to assortment environments.

2. Living Edge

In case you’re searching for an average style item to decorate your house, Living Edge isn’t the correct place. What you can anticipate from the brand, is astonishing accent furniture that you won’t discover at any other site. All furniture pieces remain consistent with their positively urban style while taking you back to prior decades.

3. Home & Office Made Easy

Say, you’re searching for particular and fresh pieces to tailor your office, or you need to make a unique and exclusive homestead, at that point Home & Office Made Easy is your conclusive furniture haven in Melbourne. Best known for their extensive furniture knowledge and ability to craft and tailor on demand, the brand makes pieces for the cutting edge world that figure out how to hold a casual straightforwardness and positive quality about them.

4. Matt Blatt

Set up in Sydney’s Marrickville, the family-claimed furniture and homewares store gone onto end up a standout amongst the most alluring brands in Australia. What’s more, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why Matt Blatt’s mixed scope of items are not dull, and support the new and astonishing over the standard and utilitarian.

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5. Coco Republic

It is the exemplification of extravagance and technique with regards to interior designing. The booming furniture store offers a scope of luxurious furniture and modernistic homewares to suit an assortment of houses. You could easily spend an entire day staring their staggering and flawlessly styled Melbourne store, which will abandon you streaming with motivation for your abode.

6. Office Plus Furniture

With regards to your office space decorum, Office Plus Furniture is an ultimate destination for your needs. They offer an exceptional accumulation of furniture and stylistic layout for each cabin of your office. Their collection of items covers an extensive variety of design and approach. They additionally bolster Australian made items and source the greater part of their fascinating things internationally.

7. West Elm

In case you’re anticipating making an adorable space or trendy abode, West Elm is the place you should begin. The top-line furniture store offers classy latest furniture for each room of the house. West Elm’s voguish latest designs referred as immortal pieces, on-incline completions, and striking shades.

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8. Space

At Inside Space’s numerous outlets, you will discover a portion of the world’s most exquisite furniture and adornments for your house. They have a long way from typical items to suit each style and kind of home, which push a beautiful harmony amongst solace and extravagance.

9. Ikea

Ikea is furnishing supremacy that joins a Scandinavian moderate stylish with reasonable and useful items that can fit in any space or house. In any case, it is their fair valuing and simple to install furniture that is their most significant illustration card, making it much more available than different brands.

10. Meizai

It is One of the Melbourne’s best-kept privileged insights, Meizai is prestigious for its advancement, contemporary energy, and immortal designing. The brand sources and supplies one of the beautiful things to make a consistently developing choice of items and arrangements crosswise over furniture, closets, joinery, lighting, and embellishments.

The best place to buy a high-end bridesmaid jewellery

bridesmaids with jewellery in wedding ceremony

The digital world has made it significantly more convenient and even cost-effective to do all your wedding shopping from the comfort of your home. You can conveniently scour through multiple products, understand the price range, and narrow down to what appeals to you from one or more online stores. Armed with this knowledge you can either order your options online or even visit the physical boutiques or showrooms in your neighbourhood.

When it comes to buying high-end bridesmaid jewellery, Australian brides are at an advantage since there are several jewellers with an online as well as offline presence. Co-ordinating the looks of the bride’s maids is an important part of the bride’s agenda on the big day. Traditionally, the bridesmaids foot the bill for their dresses and therefore it is a desirable gesture for the bride to gift the girls matching jewellery. As a matter of fact, the bride doing herself a favour by buying the entire bride’s maid jewellery and gifting them because ultimately it is adding glitter to the entire proceedings.


Aligning with the style of your wedding

In informal weddings, the jewellery tends to be less ornate such as single stone jewellery set for the bridesmaid with delicate accessories. But, when the wedding is more formal, it warrants the bridesmaid jewellery also to be equally glamorous. Similarly, lighter colours are ideal for summer weddings and you can draw inspiration from nature often times. Darker shades like burgundy and chocolate make a good selection for winter/fall weddings. For the colder seasons, you can focus on crystals with a darker hue.

Identical or different types of jewellery

This could be a significant point of confusion for many brides. Remember that it may not always be essential to focus on identical bridesmaid jewellery for all the girls. You always have the liberty to run riot with your imagination and choose different colours and style for each one of them. However, what is important is that you have one or two common factors that help in identifying them as part of the same group.

On that note, let us explore some of the online options in high-end bridesmaid jewellery

Stephanie Browne

Stephanie Browne, Melbourne was established in 1988 and has risen to be the go-to destination for quality conscious brides keen on trendy and stylish luxurious accessories. Creativity, quality and design are the focus of Stephanie. Recent collections released in London and New York consisting of golden crowns, bracelets, earrings, silk wreaths have stamped a place for the brand in global markets. Finest materials are used in every piece designed by Stephanie’s collection of a handmade range of jewellery. Stephanie’s is also patronised by an array of celebrities across continents.

Fletcher &Grace

Fletcher & Grace, an Australian business is known for stunning bridal and event jewellery. The brand offers a wide range of beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles, clutches, brooches, hair pieces, veils, gifts for the bridal party and bridesmaid jewellery. Collections offered by the brand use quality materials that include genuine freshwater pearls, Swarovski elements, cubic zirconia, and diamond simulants. Exceptional craftsmanship and fine jewellery setting set the whole range a class apart.

The Ivorybird

This online retailer offers unique and quality jewellery, accessories and handbags specializing in bridal, wedding and special event wear. The range offered is diverse as well as stunning and represent handpicked items by an experienced team to help brides create that wow factor.


Samanthawills of Sydney is a brand that has gained immense popularity in about a decade gaining even a cult following in the international space. Wills is also the recipient of several national and international awards for her design capabilities and has been reckoned as the best accessory brand.


The Redki brand creates beautiful and unique jewellery pieces for women who enjoy wearing jewellery that gives them the special and distinct feel. Every design from Redki is handmade at their Brisbane studio using materials of exceptional quality, producing timeless contemporary jewellery. You can expect to experience superior craftsmanship and exquisite style when you explore this brand.


Kateketzal specializes in creating affordable jewellery that brides can treasure for generations. The brand promises that every piece you buy will become a staple in your wardrobe and garner a compliment every time you are out wearing them. You can expect to be more confident and glamorous in Kateketzal jewellery.


Parker diamonds is an Australian family business known for their range of jewellery at affordable prices slicing away all components of overheads added by most jewellery retailers. This Melbourne jeweller is a wholesale business with a presence in the digital world for retail business. Parkerdiamonds is particularly keen on the striking personal relationship with clients because of their focus on people. Wedding bands and engagement rings form the core of this business.

Iceonline, an Australian business, is an exclusively online business that offers sophisticated and affordable jewellery that meets the expectations of every bride, bridesmaids and women in general. Iceonline is backed by over 15 years of successful presence in the jewellery space and brings authentic global brands of jewellery for your appreciation. Browse through the catalogue of this online retailer and you could spend several hours appreciating each piece of exquisite jewellery that you are viewing.


Jules brand of bridal jewellery offers a range of signature collections carefully crafted and designed with the brides in mind. Constant updating of original designs and collections is a speciality with the brand and finest quality of materials are always employed in bringing out the best of these collections. This business is based out of Dublin though their online presence is accessible to global customers. The brand also specializes in bespoke jewellery and revel in bringing the ideas of customers to life. Jules customer service is a very helpful place for brides to discuss their exacting needs to own that one in a million jewellery piece.

Party planning essentials

Mr Gatsby surely knew how to throw a party. Of course, we are talking about The Great Gatsby. Both the book as well as the movie depicted it pretty well how larger than life Mr Gatsby’s parties were. Well, he did have a large house and tons of money to spend on them. Unless you are a reincarnation or Mr Gatsby or have a support staff that is pretty efficient at managing parties, you would need to be aware of all the party essentials.

Girls dancing in party
It can be quite overwhelming to start a party overnight. To make sure that a party is successful, there are lots of clogs to the wheel and each of them has to be properly planned. Here is how you should start with planning your next party.
The first and foremost requirement for a party is having the right set of guests. Having a guest list can sort out several items and make the planning and execution process much simpler. Once your guest list is ready, call them up and fix up a date and time that works best for everyone. On finalizing the date and guest list, you can plan on bringing some uniformity to the party by introducing a theme. As you are the host, you have total control over it. You can have your favourite TV/Web series as the theme, or your favourite movie or something goofy.

You can play smart and pick up a theme that has you covered when it comes to costumes or other decorations. Depending on how big your guest list is, you can either have it in-house or outside. If you choose to have the party outside, you might have to look for some additional party supplies as compared to in the house. Hiring a catering service would usually take care of all of those things.

Group of people partying on mountain
The next item on your list should be the plan of action for the day. This should ideally cover the itinerary for the day starting from welcoming the guests to bidding them farewell. Some people plan the party for a longer duration of time. In such cases, they also plan for activities to fill the time in. Activities such as fun games, role plays, beer pong etc. not only keeps the mood of the party up.
A good entertainment or music system can make your party much more happening. You can make good use of those surround sound speakers or the DJ console or even those portable Bluetooth speakers. Ensure you have a good playlist that covers a variety of genres so that it pleases almost everyone. And in the event that you do not possess a good entertainment system, hiring is a good option or you can play the situation to your advantage as well.
Ordering food from outside is a more sensible option than cooking food. It not only saves you loads of time but also ensures you can tend to your guests once they are in your house. Of course, you can show off your culinary skills by making that favourite dessert of yours. You should then look at decorating your house. The decoration largely depends on the audience and length of the guest list. But these are some things you can easily find at your nearest supermarket or order online. Party decoration balls, Crafty props, LED balloons, metallic frills, colorful LEDs, etc. there is a long list of decoratives that you can choose from. It is preferable to pick up the ones that leave behind the minimum amount of mess. Don’t forget, it’s you who has to do the cleaning at the end of the day.
Now that you are done with the essential stuff such as the food, music, and decorations you can concentrate on making the party little bit special. If there is any special occasion for the party, a cake should make it to your list of items to get. With so many bakeries in and around, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to find the cake of your choice.

wine glasses at a partyAn adult party without drinks, well that’s something that you don’t want to start. Make sure you know what your guests like, and order the drinks accordingly. Do not forget about those one or two in the group who do not consume any sorts of alcohol. Getting some mocktails will make you the coolest host in town. If it’s a party for younger ones, make sure you have enough of juices and soft drinks to keep them entertained.
Having some farewell gifts for your guests will win you some more accolades for being an amazing host. Arranging a party with all the above-mentioned essentials would ensure you have a smooth and successful party.

Tutoring Center VS. Private Tutor: Which Is Better For Your Kid?

Deciding whether your child needs supplementary tutoring or not can be a daunting task though there are multiple options once you arrive at a decision and these can be between engaging a private tutor or a tutoring centre. Each of the options has its own particular strengths and weaknesses and your choice is often influenced by the needs of the child and your personal financial situation. Any of the options you pick, it also needs to be cost effective while not sacrificing the element of personal attention. Remember that the needs of every child can be different and therefore one solution that worked best for your elder child may not be as much effective with his/her sibling. We have critically analysed the pros and cons of both private tuition and a tutoring centre and our findings are laid out below to help you with a direction in your decision making.

Tutoring Centre


Most tutors in a tutoring centre are highly qualified and experienced. They are chosen selectively based on their training and expertises and generally bring a great deal of mature knowledge in their field, to the table. Deep knowledge of the subject and wealth of experience in tutoring are the key attributes to the success of your child.

Learning tools and materials: Most education centres such as Edukindom Tutoring School are equipped with a broad range of learning tools and textbooks. Typically, each centre maintains its curriculum and the books, as well as worksheets, will correspond to that school curricula. Tutoring centres also spend plenty of energy, time and money to create books and learning the material to help their students. A private tutor, on the other hand, may not have the level of reach and financial ability to create a similar ambience.

Diverse topics

Most tuition centres are equipped to handle diverse topics like Maths, Physics, Spanish, English, Science etc. With a private tutor, the depth of knowledge and experience in various subjects may be lacking though he/she may be a specialist in one or more topics. This is particularly relevant when your child needs attention in multiple subjects. Tutoring centres hand pick their tutors since the reputation of the tutoring centre is directly linked to the experience and expertise offered by its tutors.

Social interaction and structure

Tutoring centres generally have a structure. They need to have an outline of what every kid needs and how they can achieve it. Tutoring centres, therefore, are expected to have a significant ability in unearthing and addressing problem areas in every child before creating the plan and structure for that kid. It is not a one size fits all approach. With most tutoring centres, your kid has the opportunity of learning with other students who are in the same length in terms of learning ability and strength/weakness in the same subject. Group study always has its merits because of the focus and competitive spirit that it brings into learning.



This is by far the only area where the balance will tilt towards home tuition or private tutor. Because of significantly higher establishment and infrastructure costs, tuition centres tend to be more expensive compared to private tutors/home tuition. You will also possibly need to factor in a computation cost and time.


A busy tuition centre can be a mini replica of your child’s school. The setting can be somewhat similar with plenty of students around, and this can be a drag regarding tutoring time and absolute focus.


At a tuition centre, there is no guarantee that the same tutor would be attending to the needs of your child every single day. Consistency is a very desirable factor to get the best outcome. The reputation of the tuition centre alone cannot benefit your child in this regard.

Together, these boil down to one important thing. As a parent you have plenty of leg work before your child’s future is put into the hands of a tuition centre or a private tutor. Like in any other facet of life, positioning yourself as an informed parent becomes important in your decision making.

Private Tutor


Convenience: Convenience is by far the biggest advantage with a private tutor. A library or home is the tutoring session venue. Most of us do know that family schedules are every changing and hectic. Therefore choosing a private tutor gives the child, the advantage of being at home (or at least in the close neighbourhood)

Convenience: A tutoring session typically occurs in the home or library, at the convenience of the family. Family schedules are hectic and ever-changing so having a private tutor allows a child to get the education he or she needs with the flexibility of staying at home or at least in the neighbourhood.

One-on one

This is one factor that becomes particularly relevant in instances where the child is suffering from a general learning weakness or disability. With such kids, a tuition centre may lag behind in addressing the specific needs of the child leaving both you and your kid when the score cards arrive.

Cost: There is always a cost attached to the brand and reputation of a tuition centre and these two elements are not a bother for the private tutor. That helps him/her to pitch lower regarding cost, and in all probabilities, you also stand to save on commute costs as well as time.

Closer interaction

With a private tutor or home tutor, the parent/guardian has better ability to interact with the child and his/her tutor and monitor the overall goals or lesson plans. It also provides an opportunity to build a relationship between the tutor, child and the parent which can be beneficial for the child.


Private tutors may not be professionally vetted unlike at the tutoring centres. You may, therefore, need to establish their professional competence independently. This could be particularly important in instances where the child is struggling in multiple subjects or has particular learning challenges. You may also need to ascertain the teaching expertise of the private tutor independently.


For some children, the learning atmosphere is outstanding, and tuition centres can provide that. Put a thought to whether the right ambience can be created at home or the private tutor’s home.

Summing up, while requirements and quality should always take precedence in your decision making, you should also remember that the highest price does not always guarantee quality.