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Mr Gatsby surely knew how to throw a party. Of course, we are talking about The Great Gatsby. Both the book as well as the movie depicted it pretty well how larger than life Mr Gatsby’s parties were. Well, he did have a large house and tons of money to spend on them. Unless you are a reincarnation or Mr Gatsby or have a support staff that is pretty efficient at managing parties, you would need to be aware of all the party essentials.

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It can be quite overwhelming to start a party overnight. To make sure that a party is successful, there are lots of clogs to the wheel and each of them has to be properly planned. Here is how you should start with planning your next party.
The first and foremost requirement for a party is having the right set of guests. Having a guest list can sort out several items and make the planning and execution process much simpler. Once your guest list is ready, call them up and fix up a date and time that works best for everyone. On finalizing the date and guest list, you can plan on bringing some uniformity to the party by introducing a theme. As you are the host, you have total control over it. You can have your favourite TV/Web series as the theme, or your favourite movie or something goofy.

You can play smart and pick up a theme that has you covered when it comes to costumes or other decorations. Depending on how big your guest list is, you can either have it in-house or outside. If you choose to have the party outside, you might have to look for some additional party supplies as compared to in the house. Hiring a catering service would usually take care of all of those things.

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The next item on your list should be the plan of action for the day. This should ideally cover the itinerary for the day starting from welcoming the guests to bidding them farewell. Some people plan the party for a longer duration of time. In such cases, they also plan for activities to fill the time in. Activities such as fun games, role plays, beer pong etc. not only keeps the mood of the party up.
A good entertainment or music system can make your party much more happening. You can make good use of those surround sound speakers or the DJ console or even those portable Bluetooth speakers. Ensure you have a good playlist that covers a variety of genres so that it pleases almost everyone. And in the event that you do not possess a good entertainment system, hiring is a good option or you can play the situation to your advantage as well.
Ordering food from outside is a more sensible option than cooking food. It not only saves you loads of time but also ensures you can tend to your guests once they are in your house. Of course, you can show off your culinary skills by making that favourite dessert of yours. You should then look at decorating your house. The decoration largely depends on the audience and length of the guest list. But these are some things you can easily find at your nearest supermarket or order online. Party decoration balls, Crafty props, LED balloons, metallic frills, colorful LEDs, etc. there is a long list of decoratives that you can choose from. It is preferable to pick up the ones that leave behind the minimum amount of mess. Don’t forget, it’s you who has to do the cleaning at the end of the day.
Now that you are done with the essential stuff such as the food, music, and decorations you can concentrate on making the party little bit special. If there is any special occasion for the party, a cake should make it to your list of items to get. With so many bakeries in and around, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to find the cake of your choice.

wine glasses at a partyAn adult party without drinks, well that’s something that you don’t want to start. Make sure you know what your guests like, and order the drinks accordingly. Do not forget about those one or two in the group who do not consume any sorts of alcohol. Getting some mocktails will make you the coolest host in town. If it’s a party for younger ones, make sure you have enough of juices and soft drinks to keep them entertained.
Having some farewell gifts for your guests will win you some more accolades for being an amazing host. Arranging a party with all the above-mentioned essentials would ensure you have a smooth and successful party.

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